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Solution to Business Wealth Transfer Planning

Using the services of a Wealth Transfer Specialist in developing your business continuity plan results in enhancing family relationships through inclusion, not exclusion, it considers both external and internal matters, making the process a family affair with open family dialogue during the family retreat. A risk-free planning process with a money back guarantee.

winery business wealth transfer for succesion planningProposed Solutions using FBR Model strengthens the quality of your family life and make business issues easier to understand, manage and implement. The model consists of three phase. Phase I examines the present plan by gathering information from all family members, identifying family concerns and analyzing the existing planning documents. Phase II develops the new plan by examining alternative options, seeking input from client advisors and compiles a written renewal report. Phase III implements the new program – presenting the report at a family retreat, examining financial objectives and implementing the plan while tracking progress. The following are FBR System proprietary tools:

1) Private interview and data collection guides developed to clarify personal goals, motivations, and intention of each family member. This saves valuable time and provides a clear and concise way to collect and organize the essential family business data.

2) Advisor and family interaction organizes information collected during interviews with family members and their trusted professional advisors. A simple yet sophisticated set of specialized data sheets that assists Wealth Transfer Specialist to draw conclusions and inspire the spirit of cooperation among all players: family, professional, and specialists when needed.

3) Proprietary report software produces the written wealth transfer plan.

4) A well-defined and facilitated Family Retreat brings together all family members at a neutral site providing the workshop to create a dialogue which examines traditional family and business concerns, promotes team effort, consensus, and includes all trusted advisors during implementation. Opening the lines of communication, fosters trust, develops healthy relationships, and increases problem-solving talents with the family. We introduce various specialists to the family business as needed.

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