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“Karl Bareither, Our FBR Wealth Transfer Specialist was honest and straightforward. We think of him in high regard. Once he set up our new plan, he followed it up to see that it got done. I am impressed with his family and business planning knowledge and relationship skills. We would recommend Karl and the FBR system.” – W. McCormack – Oregon


“At first I thought we could do it ourselves. We had a lawyer and a CPA, but we just weren’t getting any place. Mr. Bareither’s came and talked to me, my wife and all the kids, and found out what each family member was thinking and feeling. He met with all of our advisors and had a lot of recommendations that we didn’t know about and helped us get it all done. I think he will save us quite a bit of money.” – O. Roemer – California


“I needed a plan to overcome inheritance taxes and possibilities of unfairness within the family… Karl, our FBR Wealth Transfer Specialist worked with the family members, lawyers, insurance agents, and accountants, with the understanding, compassion, and expertise to create a workable and acceptable plan. The family found satisfaction and consolation in the work.” – E. Williams – California


“It was very gratifying to me that Karl Bareither, our Wealth Transfer Specialist, my attorney and my accountant worked so well together and came up with a plan that will accomplish our objectives. I must emphasize however, that it was the Wealth Transfer Specialist’s urging that got the plan into existence before my health problem developed.” – W.S., Family Business Owner – Idaho


“The Specialist interviewed all of our family members individually and then had a group family meeting to discuss family and business objectives. She is good at finding out what everyone thinks and bringing it all together as a group.” — L.L., CEO, Idaho Business


“Our Specialist showed a great deal of concern about the personal interests as well as the financial. He is very concerned that you deal with the family issues at the same time and that one should not come before the other. I would recommend him.” — R.S., Vineyard Owner


“We have peace of mind about what we have done because we will leave it the way we want to leave it and we think the ranch will continue on and that is our goal.” — D.M., California Cattle Ranch Owner


“The FBR Process and Model are very good ways of enhancing family relationships and were instrumental in preparing our new family business wealth transfer plan. Our Specialist did an excellent job coordinating and implementing the new plan. I would recommend them very highly in getting the planning done while helping to resolve present and potential family and business concerns.” — J. Duarte, Dairyman


“I think our Specialist is very helpful in showing families how to plan. Using the FBR Process, he gets the family to talk things over and understand one another, resulting in peaceful negotiations.” — A. Van Exel, Dairyman/Farmer


“The FBR Model was instrumental in getting our planning done. Our Specialist is good at her work and knows what she is doing.” — R. Engler, Wife and Co-Owner of Cattle Company


“I would recommend the FBR System. I have all the confidence in the work they did for me and my family business. They were a great help to us and we really appreciate their work.” — N. Warmerdam, Widow, Retired Dairy Owner

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