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We believe that a wealth transfer plan is as unique as the client family’s individual and collective needs. It is more than just wealth, it is more than just property, it is more than just your business. The FBR Model assures family harmony for generations.

fbr system planning a wealth transfer

-It’s a family affair, it is not just about the owner.

-Planning is a process, not just a transaction.

-An open agenda is critical; success is not found in a closed and secretive plan.

-We always ask questions, we don’t come to you with preconceived answers.

-We enhance the quality of family life through inclusion, not exclusion.

-The stage is set for open family dialogue and communication, not closed discussions.

-Your greatest resource is people – not your buildings, your equipment, your inventory or your real estate.

-The focus is on both external and internal matters, not one at the expense of the other.

-Look ahead to create change, don’t remain in the past.

-Seek input from all client’s advisors, don’t exclude anyone even if their opinion may differ.

-Create a family retreat with a Wealth Transfer Specialist, providing a controlled environment for discussion not a free-for-all finger-pointing argument.

-We guarantee your money back if not totally satisfied, the only risk investment you will have is in the completion of Phase I.


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