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Process – FBR Model

Our team has created a fundamentally different approach to family wealth transfer. We involve the business owner and his/her entire family through establishing open communication. We clarify all member’s goals and desires. Shifting the focus to the entire family, our process makes business issues easier to understand, manage, and implement while strengthening the quality of family life.

FBR System Process IllustratedPhase I: Examine Current Wealth Transfer Plan

In order to understand the goals of the entire family the Wealth Transfer Specialist role is critical. He/she manages the process of first interviewing each family member to assure that their personal goals, motivations, and intentions are recognized.

Step 1 – Interview each family member, assuring confidentiality and assisting FBR Wealth Transfer Specialist to better understand each family member and their relationship regarding family and business concerns.

Step 2 – Determine family objectives by meeting with each family member and spouse assures information will be considered confidential and assists WTS to establish a useful new wealth transfer plan.

Step 3 – Analyze current plan often will be the first time the current family business plan will be provided to all family members.

Phase II: Develop New Wealth Transfer Plan

Family input is organized in terms of common objectives, using the FBR System priority software. Findings encourage communication among all family members, promoting sensitive and pragmatic decision making. The written report blends family members concerns with tax, financial and legal issues. The Wealth Transfer Specialist then designs a plan that reflects the goals of both the business owner and family members, during life rather than a plan that was secretive and known only after the owner’s death.

We encourage working collaboratively with your other trusted advisors who can add benefit to the process based on their history working with you.

Step 4 – Determine alternative transfer options to find the best viable options for family members to consider after listening to all family members.

Step 5 – Seek advisor input and share WTS information learned from meetings with family members to establish a collaborating relationship with current advisors.

Step 6 – Develop new plan after consideration of current plan that requires changes in order to meet the family objectives using FBR System proprietary tools.

Phase III: Present and Implement the New Wealth Transfer Plan

The Wealth Transfer Specialist creates honest and open dialogue at a neutral retreat site that includes all family members. This strategy promotes harmony, trust and confidence in the family, and business, while ensuring business profitability.

Step 7 – Present new plan based upon listening to all family members, and their trusted advisors, the new plan demonstrates how best to meet objectives of all family members.

Step 8 – Evaluate liquidity needs by evaluating all alternatives and select the best alternative that provides solutions.

Step 9 – Implement and monitor the new plan the FBR Specialist also assures plan is implemented in a timely manner and is reviewed as a result of changes and family circumstances require additional evaluation.


The benefits impact the business and the family in opening communication results in enhanced quality of life is the positive outcome.

  • Minimize taxes and transfer costs will more than offset the investment in consulting planning fees.
  • Enhance open family communication will assist members of the family to become engaged as an effective team that will increase productivity and business profitability.
  • Maximize business profitability bringing family members together will increase profits and quality of life.


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