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What do family relationships have to do with business continuation?

The long-term well-being of any family business depends on positive, open relationships among all family members. When family arguments exist, the business ultimately suffers. Now is the best time to resolve both business and family issues with the help of a wealth transfer specialist.



Why should I involve my intended heirs in determining what happens to my business now?business succession and estate planning

Involving your heirs individually and collectively makes sure that everyone’s intentions are known. An FBR-trained wealth transfer specialist fosters understanding based on knowledge and skills, not speculation.



How does the FBR model enrich both business and family?business and family

The FBR-trained wealth transfer specialist works to address all the needs and expectations of both active and passive family members. This ensures a solution that meets the needs of all those involved to ensure successful business continuation.



Why does a business owner need an FBR-trained wealth transfer specialist?estate planning

Many highly qualified financial, tax and legal advisors are unfamiliar with the dynamics of family relationships and the important communication issues of all family members. The FBR-trained wealth transfer specialist works uniquely, collaborating with your other trusted advisors to assure all viable alternatives have been considered.


What happens as changes occur after I’ve gone through the FBR process?Business Succession Planning

Business transfer planning is a journey, not a destination. The FBR-trained wealth transfer specialist assists clients in keeping their plan current. Because of tax law changes and family member circumstances.



How are wealth transfer fees determined?wealth transfer fees

The initial interview with an FBR-trained wealth transfer specialist is free with no further obligation. The fee formula considers the scope of the work to be completed, complexity and size of the family, the number of family business entities, value and types of assets. A money-back guarantee, if not totally satisfied, is your assurance of FBR quality services.