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Financial Planning and Business Succession

When the Wealth to be transferred is a Family Business

If family businesses truly want to be able to transfer their business wealth to next generations they will need to be familiar with the principles of successful wealth transfer planning. This article outlines some of the key elements of successful business wealth transfer planning necessary to achieve family business objectives. The importance of family communication All too often, poor family communication stands in the way of successful business wealth transfers. When wealth transfer advice is ...
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Business Continuity Challenges

Business Continuity Challenges There is clearly disconnect between the belief in today’s family business owners and reality. Did you know – 88% of current family business owners believe their family will continue their business? Only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation, only 12% are still viable into the third generation, and only 3% operate in the fourth generation. Business owner-centric plans are frequently secretive and often known only at the death of ...
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Benefits Using The FBR System

The Benefits of The FBR System The Family Business Renewal (FBR) System provides trained Wealth Transfer Specialists a holistic family-centered process consulting model. This process is accomplished by including all family members and trusted advisors in the planning process, breaking down the barriers during life rather than dealing with costly legal actions at death. Unlike advisors who are trained to do only transactions, WTS recognize the people skills needed to create a successful business differ ...
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FBR Solution to Business Wealth Transfer Planning

Solution to Business Wealth Transfer Planning Using the services of a Wealth Transfer Specialist in developing your business continuity plan results in enhancing family relationships through inclusion, not exclusion, it considers both external and internal matters, making the process a family affair with open family dialogue during the family retreat. A risk-free planning process with a money back guarantee. Proposed Solutions using FBR Model strengthens the quality of your family life and make business issues easier ...
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