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The Benefits of The FBR System


The Family Business Renewal (FBR) System provides trained Wealth Transfer Specialists a holistic family-centered process consulting model. This process is accomplished by including all family members and trusted advisors in the planning process, breaking down the barriers during life rather than dealing with costly legal actions at death. Unlike advisors who are trained to do only transactions, WTS recognize the people skills needed to create a successful business differ when transferring family wealth. This three phase nine-step process guides the WTS, to open communication among all family members and trusted advisors, to create a successful wealth transfer plan. This process minimizes transfer costs, significantly improves communication and quality of family life resulting in improving business profitability.

FBR System Process IllustratedOur team has created a fundamentally different approach to family wealth transfer. We involve the business owner and his/her entire family through establishing open communication. We clarify all member’s goals and desires. Shifting the focus to the entire family, the process makes business issues easier to understand, manage, and implement while strengthening the quality life.

Family input is organized in terms of common objectives, using the FBR System priority software. Findings encourage communication among all family members, promoting sensitive and pragmatic decision making. The written report blends family members concerns with tax, financial and legal issues. The Wealth Transfer Specialist then designs a plan that reflects the goals of both the business owner and family members, during life rather than a plan that was secretive and known only after the owner’s death.


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